Friday, June 19, 2009

why hello there.

I took a little walk through campus on Thursday and snapped this shot once I realized I couldn't get to West Bank from the Northrop side of East Bank so I would have to wait for a bus. Of course, I probably could have ventured a little further and walked but, honestly, it was incredibly muggy out! I forgot how humid summers get. I have been so used to being in the super cold confines of the office:
I have been slaving away (not literally...) at a really big project at work this week. I go through hundreds (thousands?) of pages of paper from previous studies, and need to correct or adjust a few things on almost every page. I then mark the page that I have corrected with a sticky note. I have gone through at least 15 packages of those little yellow sticky notes, and I am not even halfway done yet. It's not difficult work, it's just very tedious. I am a study aid, so it is legit that my signature is on all of the pages of this particular study. In other words, this next photo will probably be famous in a few years...ha! (probably not...)
They ARE really large binders, though. You have to at least agree with me on that one.

Not only have I been working away at my job, but I have also been doing a ton of work for my internship this week. Lots of scripting (I have the four podcasts I am going to do almost completely finished), lots of time meeting with my boss, LOADS of emailing (I have my own email address at Redwood now), and tons tons tons of research. I am really starting to get into a good working groove and we are finally seeing finished products of a few initial goals. I still have a ton left to accomplish before Monday and so much more before the end of the summer, though. I have my first workshop as the marketing and communications fellow on Wednesday, and we went over a lot of good information on what we should be presenting on. There will be 30-40 high-end wealth management advisors watching, so that's not nerve-wracking at all...I don't think there will be a break in work now until Independence Day, and we are already setting up appointments for the following weeks. I can only imagine the business connections I will be making in the next month and a half.
I leave you with a random picture of SD after a storm last Friday. I had the most miserable drive home last week. I thought it was going so well as I got out of the city in really good time, but then I was stalled almost entirely for about 2 hours. I seriously started reading a book. I called multiple people and freaked out. I made fun of the lady with the "SOCMNKY" license plate who also had 6 sock monkey stickers around her car, complete with an actual sock monkey in the back window way too much for my own good. I thanked my lucky stars that I had grabbed a water bottle and some M&Ms for the trip. And then, when I got through the stall and the construction that proceeded it, it started to downpour so I couldn't go very fast. Finally, when I got through all of that, I had to stop and I got splashed pretty good by a nice semi. Needless to say, by the time I made it home I never wanted to drive again, and my dad brought me a nice drink.

Thankfully, people are coming to see me this weekend! I am patiently awaiting a few friends by cleaning up a little bit and rewarding us all when they get here with a little ice cream. Yum. Hope your week was great and your weekend is starting off wonderfully!

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