About Me

Hello! I'm Janae. I'm a twenty-something living in the Twin Cities. I work at a nonprofit where I get to quote Justin Bieber if I feel like it, blast '90s music and end a few sentences a day with "yo." I've started trying to run & am interested in how people keep their lives together. I like ice cream and baking and trying out new coffee shops. I call chocolate milk "choco drank" and cinnamon Life cereal is my road-trip snack of choice. I keep a handwritten list of things to do for the year taped up on my wall and like to keep things fresh by calling them "adventures." (For example, I recently "adventured" to the grocery store for "choco drank.") I like maps and going places and share personal stories and photos in this space.

Please say hi! I'd really enjoy getting to know you.

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  1. Haha this is a great "about me" page! Love it! You sound awesome.


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