Thursday, June 18, 2009

ode to kayla.

My little sister graduated high school late May, and I promised her I would blog about it. BUT she STILL has not sent me pictures that I took of that day on her camera, so I can only blog the few pictures I have on my camera. (I asked nicely, Kayla, so sorry if you are disappointed with the few photos.)
Haha - one of my favorite moms ever came over to help clean and get things ready the day before.
Kayla walking in like she rules the world.
Her val speech. Val as in Valedictorian.
Her class! I <3 our small school.
Traditional grad hugging parents and walking out with them. :)

It was definitely a happy day! I got to see all sorts of family and friends and eat delicious food - some of it not at our place but at other graduates parties. Yum yum. A couple friends and I played bean bags in our backyard and I had SO much cake, it would probably be a sin in some countries. Such a good day.

On another note, I have been really busy with work and my internship this week, which explains the lapse in blogging. I have been doing some fun things, too, and my roommates and I have been cooking/baking so there are lots of things to share once I get a spare moment to put them all together. And! I get visitors this weekend! My cousin and a couple of her friends come tomorrow until Saturday night and then my mom and sister come Sunday until Tuesday for her orientation (yes! she is coming to my college!) It's going to be a good time with lots of stops at Sebastian Joe's for ice cream, if I have my way. :) I hope everyone is enjoying this summer day!

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