Friday, June 26, 2009

i can't sleep...

really. I can't. I just stayed up and finished the book I started last weekend. It was a wonderful, light little story by the author of P.S. I Love You, Cecelia Ahern. It is named "Thanks for the Memories," set in Dublin and London, and pulled at my heartstrings and the memories of my time abroad. I think it was the perfect transition to get out of my "Twilight" funk. Has anyone else read the Twilight saga and then not known where to go from there? You never really want it to end - even though you may have, like me, mocked it endlessly and ruthlessly before you actually read it. Hmph. Hopefully now I am ready to take on a little bit more classic literature rather than fiction or chic lit. (I still am glad I read Twilight...)

Other things on my mind: This man quite literally was a staple in my childhood. I had a video of him and Oprah taking a tour of Neverland. At one point he got on stage and went step-by-step through how to moonwalk. My love for dancing was either born or entirely reinforced at that moment. I used to watch it over and over most kids do with The Lion King or Pocahontas. (I was a Mary Poppins and Beauty and the Beast girl, too.) Nevertheless, it is a sad, sad day and, even though he had been acting quite strange these past few years, his music is brilliant. I hope you agree.

EDIT: I was wondering how old I was when the video was shot, and I found out it was in 1993; I was 5-6 years old when this particular infatuation (especially with the music and moves) began.
And this woman and that hair. Holy cow. I saw a small portion of the documentary that was released on her about 6 weeks ago, but now definitely must track it down and watch it in its entirety.I've been craving watermelon for weeks. I need to stop at a store and buy some, asap.And, I MISS THESE GIRLS. We are all reuniting in Massachusetts in August, thankfully. I don't know how much longer I could go without them (OR Mary Kate, who sadly isn't pictured.) Also, I had to explain one of the scariest/most dangerous nights of my life today, and, though it doesn't look like it here, the night this picture was taken was definitely at the top of the list. Fargo! More on that soon.

Good night! Xxxxxx. I miss London and the way they end texts with "X." sigh.

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