Saturday, June 6, 2009

art & songs.

I love Sabrina Ward Harrison. I hadn't checked out her website in awhile, but I did yesterday as I listened to a wonderful new (to me) song and thought I should share. Sabrina is one of my favorite artists, and my friend Ashley gave me one of her books, Spilling Open - The Art of Becoming Yourself, at the end of last summer. It is incredibly raw, more like a journal than an art book, and there is amazing inspiration to be taken from it. If you have a little time, just go to her homepage and then listen to this song I am embedding below. It truly was wonderful to look at her work while listening to this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! (fyi there is no video for this song, just a picture.)Love Like A Sunset by Phoenix.

Also, a goal of mine for this summer is to do "Saturday Song" posts. A new song, or at least one that is new to me or that I cannot stop listening to, will be posted each Saturday. Maybe you will find something you like, and if not, at least I will be documenting the random shifts in music I go through. I'd never noticed how sporadic they can be until I started documenting them. AND I am always open to any new music that you might be into. Please share!

Here is one more song. First official times should always be twice as good, right?

Falling Down - Oasis

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