Monday, June 1, 2009

cardboard signs & muse

Signs of the Times is an art installment AND a fundraiser in one! As disconcerting it is to know how many people are homeless, it is also a major sign of our times to see these cardboard boxes being used as cultural art pieces. I find the "27 cents short for a taco" and "short 57 cents for a burger - Can you help?" ones very, very interesting. This is our world.

I haven't posted any new music lately, so here is a song by Muse, a band I have been listening to quite a bit these last few days. The song is Supermassive Black Hole. There are so many other ones I like, but this is my favorite today.

And one last little story: I woke up today, got dressed downstairs like normal, went upstairs to make coffee, said "Good morning" to Tanya, stopped, did a double take (as did she) and laughed. We BOTH randomly were wearing jeans, a gray v-neck tee, a black cardigan and a necklace. 100% matching for our first big day of the first full week of work for the summer. Can you say meant to be roommates?

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