Thursday, June 11, 2009

wanna hang out? wanna watch some more infomercials?

I go home soooooooooon! The last time I was home, I was hanging out with a couple friends, watching a hilarious Will Ferrell SNL episode and then, to my complete enjoyment, watching an infomercial for a '70s compilation CD set, if I remember correctly. I can't wait for the next big round of fun. :)

These last few work days I have been busy focusing on my internship. After quite a few hours of research and brainstorming, podcasts are suddenly not so scary to me anymore and I am actually really excited to start producing them. The goal set for me is to have 4-6 scripted, filmed, edited, tagged, and RSS feed(ed) podcasts on the website by July 31. I am going to be working doubletime to fulfill this deadline, but hopefully it will all pay off in the end! One very cool part is that we are getting music specifically created for the podcasts and I will be working with high-end ($1000) software to produce them. I am still thinking of doing a little test run with Audacity (a free software to create your own podcasts) so I can have a small portion of background with sound editing software before playing with the big guys, so, if I make a test run, I will be sure to post it on here for inquiring minds.

In other news, I am really excited for these two movies to come out! I haven't been to an actual movie theatre in much too long. Summer is definitely the season to hang out with friends outside, but also to spend lazy Sunday afternoons at a movie. Right?

Away We Go - I am beginning to form a slight obsession with John Krasinski, possibly better known as Jim Halpert on The Office. (Thank you to Joe who let Ashley/me borrow his seasons!)

500 Days of Summer

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