Tuesday, August 31, 2010



They get you in the door.

They allow you to feel safe when you leave.

And they are quite necessary to keep things private, secure, and away from danger.

They also open up a whole new world.

Today I handed back five keys that have opened many doors for me over the past few years.

The first two I've had since January 2008. My keys for an entire floor at my college. A locked floor that I worked on. A floor that led to incredible relationships, quirky doctors, hilarious researchers, occasional snacks, and a bunch of paper copying. A floor that led to a work family, one that I will miss dearly. A floor that led to much more than a steady income; one that let me use my organizational and editing skills in the most unlikely places. It's a fabulous floor. And I'm sure my experiences here will eventually lead to many more open doors.

The other three keys I've had for exactly one year today. My first year-long lease, ever. This time last year, when I was just getting the keys, I was in the midst of Welcome Week, a week-long orientation for freshmen students. I led 30 freshmen around, exposing them to their new home and school, and quickly moved in to my house during a break I had for a few hours. It was exhausting, physically, mentally, emotionally. But it all led to a room that I painted and loved and a place that I felt comfortable in. On Sunday night, I was cleaning this place, and then my roommates and I watched a couple episodes of a television show on DVD until, all of a sudden, we were all definitely ready for bed. It was the oddest experience as I realized that my bed was no longer there. I couldn't just walk down the hallway and plop down on my fluffy green comforter. I had to go to the new home. Use a new key. Open a new door.

And that's what I'll be doing for the indefinite future. There are a bunch of experiences just waiting for me to explore. New keys are calling. Adventure awaits.

Don't focus too hard on the door you just locked.

There is another waiting to be opened.

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  1. too true. I hope you have a wonderful time discovering new locks to open and doors to go through.


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