Thursday, August 12, 2010

a new currently [guilty pleasure style]

What I've been up to lately, guilty pleasure (aka a tad embarrassed) style!

Set my alarm for: 7:04am. (and finally made myself get up around 8:04am)

Guilty pleasure song of the week:

Emails: Haven't been answering most of them or dealing with the fact that I have about 50 new ones. Whoops.

Books: I woke up early to finish "A Room With A View" by E. M. Forster yesterday instead of starting in on a book club book I was supposed to have the first 5 chapters read of.

And the one that makes me feel the most guilty (and also the happiest): Today is official "Janae gets to be selfish" day. Yesterday I ran around doing errands for other people (I made about 5 stops and the only one that was for me was the post office.) Then I let my friend use my car all day. And I volunteered for 9 hours. And I wrote a couple things for a group I'm helping out. So today, I get to be selfish. (Do laundry, pack, update my ipod with a travel playlist, have a lunch date with a friend, and, of course, still write a bunch of things for other people because I didn't finish them yesterday.)

But! I definitely encourage you to take a day for yourself soon!

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