Monday, August 9, 2010

weekend phone photos

This weekend was spent with a lot of friends! On Friday afternoon, I made red velvet cupcakes and then had a bunch of people over Friday night for a little party. We danced and everyone enjoyed a small hat collection my roommate has by trying them all on and chatting. It was really nice having a group of people that I know and love over.
And, one of my friends brought over some watermelon, so we cut it up and plopped it right into our drinks! It was delicious!
On Saturday I woke up much too early (6am), grabbed my friends Lucas and Ellie, and went to volunteer at the Raksha walk. I forgot my camera so I'm going to have to share pictures when other people put theirs up, but it was really fun! We worked on getting things set up and everyone registered. A good friend of ours started the Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation, so it feels really nice to be able to help her with this big event.

I went home, slept a little bit, and then started making t-shirt yarn! This weekend I was determined to finish a bath mat that I have been crocheting out of t-shirt yarn. You cut up old t-shirts in order to make it, so it's actually an upcycled project. I'll share the results soon.

How was your weekend?

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