Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Morning!

I have three sets of three's for you on this, the first of August!

3 crafts I'm working on:
1.) Crocheted bath mat (yes, for real.)
2.) Yarn and ball necklaces
3.) Big felt hair barrettes, also suitable to be broaches or to be put on bags.

1.) Summer is short, read a story. - Ann Patchett
2.) I burn all my calories through sarcasm. - Almie Rose (apocalypstic)
3.) It’s all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back. - Mick Jagger

3 things I'm excited for:
1.) Doing social media for a big event in St. Paul in November! (More details to come.)
2.) Vacation! (also more details very soon!)
3.) Volunteering for the Raksha Walk this upcoming Saturday. Learn more and register here if you are around the Twin Cities August 7! (see pictures from last years walk here!)

Happy August! Can you believe it's already here?

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  1. I really like that Ann Patchett quote! It would make a great scrapbook page title :)


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