Friday, August 20, 2010

[more] cabin food.

I already wrote about the absolutely delicious monkey bread we made at the cabin, but that hardly touches on the scrumptious food we all made that weekend.

My good friend Hanna is one of the best cooks I've ever known. I lived with her the past two summers, and ate so well (and tried so many different foods) that she has actually influenced my daily cooking habits. (more spices!)

One of Hanna's specialties is guacamole. Good lord guacamole. You and I are friends.

She also made two different types of salsas - a peach mango salsa, and a spicier, more traditional salsa. Yum!
I made fruit pizza because I knew it would be fresh and easy to create at the cabin. After I put all of the fruit on the pizza, we threw a few extras slices into our wine and sipped all night long.
We also bought fresh sweet corn and grilled it, along with delicious fresh brats from the co-op.
And before we headed home on Sunday, we made quesadillas!We also had homemade pasta and potato salad. We were definitely spoiled (food and weather-wise) all weekend long!

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  1. Oh, wow, this looks completely mouth-watering. And now I'm craving fruit and other healthy foods so much right now (and apparently that doesn't happen often! :P)! lol

    xo! Ash


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