Friday, September 3, 2010

What now, Rory?

I came to an important life conclusion today. And that is that Gilmore Girls should have gone on for at least another season.

Groundbreaking, I know. I should work for CNN.

Let me explain.

Rory Gilmore has been a crucial part of my life since I first discovered the show, admittedly through reruns on ABC Family a few years after it had started. I would come home from school on days that I wasn't supposed to be at a practice for some form of sport and watch that glorious, fast-talking hour of television from 4:00-5:00pm. Sometimes a friend or two would join. Sometimes homework would be splayed out in front of us, math books and calculators and notebooks with scribbles all over them primarily discarded because the silly people who were chatting away on the screen were just so much more enjoyable to focus on.

Well, this is where my revelation came in. As most of you know, I'm working on finding a full-time position in the field I actually graduated in. I majored in journalism. Rory Gilmore graduated with a degree in journalism. The similarities do not stop there.

We both grew up in a small town with a lot of characters. We both have grandparents who live close by. We've both tried out numerous variations of our hair, from long to short, and specifically with and without bangs. We both love Jess Mariano. We both listen to the Arcade Fire. We both read a lot. We both dabble in nonprofit work and event planning, while hers admittedly is a bit more well-known as being a part of the DAR. We're both big fans of cardigans. And while I don't technically have a friend as outrageously dynamic as Paris Gellar, I do have a couple of people in my life who are right up there, just a bit calmer. They do give out just as good, if not better advice, which Paris doles out in small, intermittent, but always perfect-timing ways.

(Oh, don't even get me started on Lane Kim. I, thankfully, have a few Lane Kim's in my life. I need a Luke Danes, though. And I'd take a Jess Mariano any day.)Anyways, the point is that Gilmore Girls ends at season 7, directly after Rory graduates from college and, at the very last minute, gets an internship. And then it's over.THAT DOESN'T HELP ME RORY.

We have been through so much, for so long. How could you just leave it all hanging like that? Aren't we supposed to be going through life together? It's as if my imaginary best friend just left - POOF! - into thin air and now I'm supposed to make all sorts of decisions on my own without having a way to talk them out and see the repercussions played out on screen.

Oh wait, like everyone else in the world.

Now before you all think I've taken this metaphor too far (it's okay that most people probably stopped reading this after the first paragraph,) I'm not obsessed or thinking that I truly AM Rory Gilmore. It's just something I can relate to. Kind of like how some people get really into a sports team or a series of books (Twilight devotees, perhaps?) It's something I can reference when I'm low. It's what I watch when I'm sick. It's a comfort thing. And it's hard for me to watch something so comforting that doesn't explore the world I'm just starting to get into. The world post-college. It's something that was never explored through the show. And at a time when I'm grasping on to anything, ANYTHING that isn't changing, I'm realizing that everything is and even trying to delay my life by an hour to watch an episode of my comfort show won't actually delay the fact that I've moved, am not starting college again with my friends, and need to branch off into the wide world on my own now.

I leave you with one of my favorite clips from the show. If you watch, I think you'll see why.

Moral of the post: It's time to jump.

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  1. I totally know what you mean! I own the series, but there is something so wonderful about watching on tv in the afternoons.

    I'm job searching in my field as well...good luck :)


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