Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I was tagged!

I was challenged by Kam of Campfire Chic to create my own personal style alphabet! I'm not going to lie, I usually dress for comfort and that includes jeans, tees, and cardigans. But, here we go:

A is for argyle. usually on my socks.
B is for Birkenstocks.
C is for cardigans!
D is for dresses.
E is for eclectic mixes.
F is for flats. yes please.
G is for grandma chic.
H is for hippy hair.
I is for iced coffee. I like to think of it as an accessory.
J is for jeans!
K is for kicking it up a notch every now and then. more flair, more pizazz.
L is for lines, lines, lines.
M is for moccasins.
N is for natural. put together but not trying too hard.
O is for anything but orange. I have very few orange things.
P is for polka-dots.
Q is for the Quarry, a place in mpls where I do lots of shopping.
R is for rings!
S is for stone grey.
T is for thrift clothes!
U is for utility bag.
V is for V-necks.
W is for white tanks.
X is for stumping Janae, because I don't eXactly know a word that works here.
Y is for yoga pants on lazy days.
Z is for Zoe P., a fashionista I know.

So, if you feel like playing along, leave a comment with yours or you are officially tagged by me! And thanks, Kam, for the fun challenge!

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  1. I'm with you on the jeans and cardigans front! It was hard coming up with some of the letters.


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