Thursday, September 23, 2010

"And we had to practice during freaking Hurricane Katrina..."

A good friend of mine who plays volleyball at the college level was telling me about her match last night and how the football players had to be there but, even though the match was close and the girls won in three games, the football players didn't quite supply the cheering the girls had hoped for.

Then she talked to one of the football players who told her about how they had to practice in Hurricane Katrina-like rains that night and how they were expected to start practicing again the next morning at 6am and she let him off the hook.

While I did not have to practice football outside, I have had to run from my car to a store to the car to a restaurant to my car (I drive a lot lately...) to the bookstore/coffee shop I've currently taken up residence at. Therefore, my drenched/dried/drenched/redried hair is safely tucked into a beautiful mustard-yellow hand knit cap that I got as a present from my friend Hanna last year. I've also had my eyes on this hat from miss indie for almost a year now, and truly realize that if I've been lusting over it for that long, it's very silly that I haven't broken down yet. Around the time I found it, I also started a pretty legitimate budget. Maybe I'll splurge soon. I'm sure my willpower is breaking down as we speak.

But, as I'm reading up on all sorts of things from how to start your own business to super foods, I thought I'd say hello! Go face the rain, if you dare, and get yourself a nice Chai tea latte or something of the pumpkin/autumn specialty drink variety that's out there and take a few nice moments to yourself today. You deserve it. 

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