Saturday, February 13, 2010

Superman Sleepover!

Last night my bus core had a sleepover! Our bus is named Superman, and we have used that name to it's full potential. What does one do at a Superman sleepover, you ask? Well, I'll let you in on a few of the fun, secret things!

First, we have story time. Then, once Nate (our lone boy!) arrives and gifts us with "DIVA" sweethearts, we all freak out, pile on my bed, and take super cheesy and fabulous pictures! Before our bus was dubbed Superman by the powers that be, we called ourselves the divas and requested this song over and over at multiple radio stations.
Then, we diva-itize Nate. He loved it. John Lennon, purple sunglasses and all. Xixi told us to give her our "fancy faces." Umm...We youtube Beyonce, Jay-Z, Soulja Boy, Destiny's Child, etc., start dance parties, and google "Ghetto" for Xixi, who swears she doesn't know what it is.We laugh. A lot.
And have such good conversations, ideas and support for one another. You know you've found some good friends when you had a stressful day, and they can take it all away by just being there. They also re-enacted a scene over and over for me so I could videotape them for a class assignment. Superman, you are spectacular.


  1. Sounds like you kids had so much fun...I'm jealous, I miss sleepovers at your house, eating junk food, and completely relaxing because that's what best friends do! I told you that it would relieve some of your stress silly girl. LaLaLa Love you!

  2. This looks like so much fun. Love the core bonding. We should hang out more :)


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