Monday, February 22, 2010

Rubik's cube party!

Here are a couple of photos from a few weekends ago. For one of my friends birthdays, we had a "Rubik's Cube Party." It was my first experience with one so, just in case it is also your first experience with one, here are the basic rules:

1.) Wear all of the colors of Rubik's cube.
2.) Be prepared to do a little clothing swap throughout the night.
3.) Get solved! (End up in one color by the end of the night!)

It was a riot. Literally. When you're older, I'll tell you stories.
Sarah and I in our "before" outfits!A couple of my favorite girls! Sarah, Katie, Val and ISarah and Anne - it was her birthday party!This is the closest to "solved" we have a picture of. I'm pretty sure I was wearing 4 shirts at this time.Ahhh a few of my favorite people - Alex and Sarah!

And these are only the few pictures I have of the beginning of the night. Riot, I tell ya. Hope your week started off well!

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