Thursday, July 23, 2009

when you least expect it... get surprised with something really wonderful. My roommate and I had been looking at these rings on Etsy a couple of weeks ago. And by looking, I mean ogling. She ended up purchasing two without me knowing and they came in the mail today. It was one of the best surprises - a handmade ring from a small business owner on a day where I hadn't gotten much sleep and was feeling a little down.
The "ring" is actually multi-functional, with the center of it coming out, making it easy to put on a bag, jacket, etc. but I am pretty sure I will only be wearing it as a ring. Mostly because I absolutely adore rings, and wear at least one everyday.I just happened to have my camera in the next room when she gave it to me so (as excited as I was) I snapped a few photos to share. Thank you so much, Hanna!

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