Monday, July 13, 2009

surprise for you!

I'm doing a giveaway! For real. This is silly, but I was very curious to see if anyone could guess:

a. What video these dance moves are taken from (that I love!)
b. The brand of shoes a person displayed in this video is wearing that I will be purchasing very, very soon.

Yes, you must know both answers and leave a comment with them here. Please guess if you have no idea! This is just for fun. I have a little gift picked out, but depending on who guesses the answer, it may become something a little more customized. And, if no one guesses, I get to keep it for myself. Win win. :D

Song: Lisztomania by Phoenix (I'm in LOVE with Phoenix this summer...<3)

And one last note: Today was a very hard day for me for multiple reasons, so play along if you can, please!?


  1. Footloose and Toms?

    I'm mostly just guessing... I enjoy randomness. This was a good idea.

  2. I really want to guess. But you have perplexed me. I want to say the dancing is from "The Breakfast Club?" But I could be completely wrong. . . and I don't even have an educated guess for the shoes. : (

  3. I know for sure it's the Breakfast Club!
    I remember watching it with you all the time and good question about the shoes but I read above that Tanya guessed Toms so I'm guessing Tom's too :)

    Little Sis Kayla

  4. brat pack.

    and which shoes? there are more than one



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