Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sammi & ND

I spent this last weekend in North Dakota with my wonderful friend, Sammi! It was the first time we have hung out for more than an afternoon in way too long. Usually we meet up wherever is midway for both of us, shop, chat, drink mass amounts of coffee, the usual...but finally we got to hang out for days straight and had time to relax and gush about our lives. Lots of chats were had, lots of silly but important issues discussed, and our 5-year-friendship was definitely, definitely celebrated. In case you didn't know, S & I met in an airport. We have such a unique friendship - there is something that she and I share that no one else can quite understand, and I am so grateful that we have stayed a part of each other's lives.
Our first night out, we went to a martini bar and had these delicious espressotinis. Yum.
I loved the time I got to spend with her, the new stories and "bits" we get to laugh about, the delicious wine we discovered together, and the fact that I finally got to meet some important people in her life. It was a wonderful reunion.

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