Sunday, July 12, 2009

I promised.

I created t-shirts for my hometowns 125th celebration, and a few of my best friends and I wore them during the day of the 4th of July. On Friday, the 3rd, I stood out in the rain for way too long, watched my sister and friends play in a kickball competition, made traditional Pimm's Lemonade, went to a small gathering of friends to eat, watched donkey baseball - which is one of the funniest things I have ever seen, went to another friends party, and ended up in the bar. (Yes, my town only has one.)

On Saturday, we got up, donned our wonderful t-shirts, watched a great parade, went to mud races, got ready and went to a celebration for my high school class and friends, and then ended up at the street dance which featured the band Eclipse. The rest of these photos are from that night.

I forgot my camera on Sunday, but we ate a wonderful community breakfast of pancakes and homemade sausage, and then I was on a sand volleyball team which WON the tournament! It was so exhilerating to actually play volleyball again, and a few of us ended up in the swimming pool to get sand off of us and to cool down. It was a wonderful weekend full of friends, family, fun and copious amounts of drinking. Just what America called for on it's birthday. Please enjoy these long-awaited photos - more to come on my Facebook for those of you in them. :D

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