Tuesday, July 7, 2009

home time.

This last weekend was crazy. Really. I saw so many people, had numerous catch-me-up-on-your-life chats, gave and received a lot of hugs, ate way too much food, stood in the rain for about 6 hours, got to be physically active by playing volleyball, swimming and walking, and took a good look around me and realized how lucky I am to have a wonderful place to go home to and incredible people welcoming me back with open arms. More stories and photos to come soon, but for now I only have the silly picture of me dressed up to go home - I was in a random mood before I left and wanted to play dress-up very badly - and a quick shot of the landscape around me when I was almost there. I have done so much driving lately that it will be nice to be in one place for a couple of weeks. It also gives me a chance to meet up with people who live in the same city as me! I got to have dinner with *gasp!* ALL of my roommates and a great mutual friend of ours, Sarah M., last night and am meeting up with another old friend, Meg, tonight. I also had my first interview for the podcasts I am creating for my internship yesterday. It went incredibly well, and I seriously want the woman we interviewed to be my life mentor. Her answers to our complex questions were simple, meaningful, and incredibly well thought-out. She is an intelligent woman with a very calming presence, and I hope to one day form at least a professional relationship with her. I am getting a very unique education this summer through my own research and by picking the minds of philanthropic leaders in the community. As Martha would say, "it's a good thing."

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