Thursday, July 16, 2009

One of the best days ever.

Last Saturday, Hanna and I were walking to the farmer's market and randomly Hanna said "I want to go to the cabin." (Her grandparents own a cabin up north.) So, I said "Okay, let's go." She gave me a look that says "Are you serious? and I really want to..." all at once, called her grandfather, and we found out some other relatives were staying in her cabin for the weekend. That, however, did not deter us. We kept saying how badly we needed to get out of the city, be in the sun, be near water and be away from people. In other words, we needed a beach other than Lake Calhoun or Harriet or of the Isles, some good food (hummus and pita and pretzels), trashy magazines, and a wonderful day. When we got home we ran up to the main room, yelled at Tanya, our other roommate and the only one of us originally from MN, and asked her to find us a beach that wouldn't have very many people and wouldn't cost a lot to get into. She found a public park with a beach on Weaver Lake, and within an hour we were almost there. (She already had plans for the day or else we would have wanted her to be there with us!)
We ate, sun-bathed, laughed, read magazines, swam, found shells, got seriously freaked out from the moss (maybe that was just me...), ogled a lifeguard or two, and got all sorts of sun.

And then, we ran into some of our favorite people ever! There was a group of people walking along one side of the beach towards the park area, and I asked Hanna if she thought one of them looked like Saul. She said "No way Saul is here...but I don't know anyone who walks like that other than Saul..." So I yelled "SAUL!" he turned around, and then Hanna yelled "MATT!" They both looked at us incredulously and asked us if we were in town for Maple Grove Days. We, obviously, had no idea what they were talking about but then Matt said "Becca's up there on that hill!" Turns out, we met up with multiple people with whom we spent spring break with on this random Saturday. We talked, I played sand volleyball with them for literally hours (in a dress!), and then most of us snapped a quick picture before they got ready to partake in more MG Days festivities and we went on our way home, windows down and music blaring.

Probably my favorite picture of the day. I wish everyone could see Saul play volleyball. :)
Definitely one of the happiest, most relaxing and surprising days of this summer. I love spontaneity and how sometimes everything seems to end up just right.

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