Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend song.

Tonight is the Grammy Awards and I not only was reminded of this earlier this evening, but just got cable set up in my ROOM so I can actually watch it! I'm not going to lie, the boys would probably not let me watch it had this not happened. The fact that I now have cable may have been influenced by this past Thursday night when I rushed home from the gym to watch the new Grey's Anatomy, only to find my roommate and his friend playing old school video games. In that moment I may have overreacted a little and yelled "YOU'RE KILLING ME, JOE! KILLING ME!"

It might have happened.

I'm definitely over it now...

Anyways, for your Sunday listening pleasure, here's a little song from John Legend whose group John Legend and the Roots are nominated for a Grammy in the best R&B category.

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