Saturday, February 12, 2011


Last night began with a little text from my sister K that read "What are you up to tonight?"

It led to Jimbo.

This is the story.

I climbed into my cold, salt-crusted car to go and pick her up from her college dorm. I took the quickest way I knew how, which is actually probably about the speed a turtle would go - people on bikes were passing me, and by the time I got there I was just happy that the other crazies on the road hadn't hit my dirty car yet.

She came clamoring out, hopping down the steps, her open red winter coat flailing to the sides. Once she hit my car it was like a football player hitting his opponent and she got the door open and was in baseball. Keeping up with these mixed sports metaphors?

Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow is playing on the radio and I'm zooming out of the minuscule parking lot in front of her residence hall as my phone rings. I talk on the phone to a friend who is going to an event called "The Awkward Dance" and is wearing two skirts to said event - one as a shirt, one as a skirt. It's supposed to be awkward, and KB on the phone asked why my sister wasn't going. Well, the very first thing K had told me as she was safely in the car was "I really don't want to go to the awkward dance." So I relayed the information.

We kept rolling on in the messy green Chevy, stopping to grab a RedBox, and then proceeded about 10 blocks out of the way in order to go to Wendy's.

I'd been craving a frosty. You know you like them.

So here we are, going through the practically deserted Wendy's, when the man who comes over the speaker to take our order starts legitimately SINGING to us. "WEEELLLLLCOMMMMMEE TOO WENDYYYYYYYYYYY'SSSSS! Can I take your ooorddddeeerrrrrr pleeeeeeease??

"Wow! Oh hello there, you are VERY happy!" I said back.

"Whenever you're readddddyyyyyyyyyy!" He sang.

"Okay well we would like two fries and two orders of your five piece chicken nuggets and two LARGE Frosty's."

"LARGE FROSTY'S? I don't want a large!" - K said. "That's way too big."

"Medium, then?" "Okay sir, sorry! Let's actually change the two large Frosty's to two medium Frosty's. The original chocolate ones."

"ALLL RIGHTY! That'll be $12.79, $12.79! $12.799999999!!!!" He sang.

K and I are doing that whole gut-wrenching laughter at this point, and as we turn around the corner of the drive through, this singing man opens the drive-through window and practically climbs out of it, with a beaming smile.

"Well hello ladies! $12.79!!!" His name tag reads 'Jimbo.'

"Hi there! How are you tonight?"

"Just dandy!" He hands back my card. "Now if you want to come back to see me I'm here every day but Wednesdays and Thursdays."

"Okay, that's good to know."

"AFTER 5!"

"Okay, we'll be sure not to come before 5!"


And with a happy smile and wave, we drove to the second window to retrieve our tasty snacks.

Jimbo, we will be coming back to you, even if it is out of our way. Also, will you be our Valentine?

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  1. I feel like Jimbo and I would be friends!


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