Saturday, February 26, 2011

Song Saturday!

A whimsical tune because that's what fits my current mood:

"The thing about coming home is that it settles around you like unset cement. The habits and the safety, the Things you accrue and the money. And the weeks or months you meant to stay grow unwieldy around you, into years and now I am thinking and thinking: There’s a finite amount of time for adventures. For actively choosing a life and rushing in to it. Not everyone gets free.

It’s snowing again like cherry blossoms hatching. Like it will never, ever stop. And I am considering wet shoes and grinning cheek bones in the coffee shop, eavesdropping and worrying about the hearts of the people I love. Worrying about the women, for whom you can have a world of respect and admiration and still not know well enough to comfort. Women who don’t need comfort. Times are hard all around. And still we all keep going toward so many better ends. We might be the luckiest people who ever lived."

"There’s only so much time left to waste. And you can make it anywhere."- from here.

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