Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reading for pleasure.

"I thought a lot about this tendency I had, towards language. How when I saw a tree I immediately began describing it in my head. I had talked about it with my boyfriend right before he'd left. He had countered that he never did that. That when he looked at the tree he saw only the tree. And if he started to break it down, it was into colors and shapes. Images, not words. I didn't understand. He never read for pleasure either."

Sometimes I feel like I have a separate life within my head. It's one of twisting reality into make-believe. I note the intricate details in everyday things and then create a head full of stories.

I've been reading a lot of articles lately on widely-ranging topics, so much so that when one thing I read two weeks ago all of a sudden links in with something I read two minutes ago, I kind of gasp and think, why didn't anyone tell me that before? Naturally, the reason no one has told me the information is because no one else is reading the exact same things I am, and while other people may be coming to similar conclusions, their path to that conclusion is entirely unique.

Today, I was reading an article my friend Colleen linked to on Twitter that is by a fantastic writer I've been reading for a little over a year now. Her name is Molly Lambert and she writes for an online magazine called This Recording. The article is airy and real and many passages resonated within me, but when I came across this particular one, I stopped and realized that I'm the exact same way. I'd never thought about it before, which makes sense because we all tend to believe that our minds work similarly until we encounter someone who can vocalize how different we are. I appreciate the way she writes about real emotions, especially those that hit you in the last semester of college, and how she scoffs at her ex-boyfriend in a simple sentence, as well. If you have a little time, I recommend reading the whole piece.

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