Monday, July 12, 2010

lake days are for enjoying.

The day at the lake was wonderful. We ate, and ate, and played volleyball and went out in the boat. We had most of the calm, cool lake to ourselves, save for a few fishing boats patiently sitting at the other end. The six of us climbed in and pushed off and then couldn't get the engine started so K's dad kayak-ed out to us, started it up without a moment's hesitation, and then kayak-ed right back to the dock. We jumped in off of the front of the boat, doing swan dives, big splashy jumps, and a little bit of reckless fleeing. Then came the tubing, where I was nominated first to go and held on for dear life as the boat swung in patterns of 8 and I tried hard as ever to keep up the smile because 5 pairs of eyes were on me and my clumsy, gripping, about-to-fall-off-the-large-piece-of-foam-mascarading-as-a-tube self.

There were big jumps, lots of waves, so much water in the face, eyes, nose, and then after a long run, a bump just big enough to make me lose control happened and my grip loosened enough to fling me into the water. I cannot explain the amount of water that went up my nose. It was incredible.

A few others took turns on the tube and, except for Nate who has the upper arm strength of a body builder, I won the race for longest rider. We then put out the anchor and swam some more, all of us floating on the tube at one point until the sky started covering itself with clouds and the wind picked up a bit and we all understood that it was time to go back in.

I love lakes. I want to live on a lake. The beauty of it is undeniable. Being out on the water, just chilling for hours is something that I always cherish. This is a pretty sing songy way of saying all of this, but I had a fabulous day on the water, on the lake, at my friend's house.

And I have the incredibly sore muscles today to prove it. Maybe I shouldn't have hung on to that tube for so long.

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