Thursday, July 22, 2010


The band Fanfarlo makes very interesting music videos! In the first one there is a Houdini-esque escape, and in the second an almost film noir take on what happens when friends try to intercede in a suicide attempt. (This seems really dark in the beginning but trust me, the ending is better.)

Their music is really comfortable-feeling, like Mumford and Sons, with hints of violin and other strings that tug a bit at the heart and a strong back beat that keeps it pumping. I love when music builds, and they are really successful at making that happen, and then dropping it back down and building it all up again.

This music is perfect for the muggy, post-rain day we are having. I got very nostalgic for London this morning when I stepped off the bus. Something about the crowded streets, puddles of water, and steamy smell of the city mixed just right to make me long for the days I was abroad. Maybe it's time to return?

If you like what you hear, listen to more on their homepage or myspace.

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