Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm digging:

and I got hooked by this song:

"I swung my tassel to the left side of my cap/ knowing after graduation there would be no going back"

Listen to more here or here.

I put him on and gave my room a much needed cleaning last night. It's kind of been looking like a tornado went through it, and no one cared to clean up the wreckage, but now I can see the floor again and don't feel so crazy when I step inside. I'm usually really good at keeping my room clean because when I'm home, I spend most of my time in it, doing little projects or talking to friends or crafting. I spent quite a bit of time painting the walls and framing pictures or maps to go on them just to make it feel cozy. It's going to be an odd day when I finally paint the walls back to white and take the pictures down (my lease is up at the end of August.) Until then, though, listen to a little Bazan and do something productive. Small victories, people (like simply getting your dresser drawers to shut - see below.) Sometimes all we need is a small victory.

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