Friday, July 9, 2010

just a little taste.

I'm a lucky girl some days. Actually, in all honesty, I have been an incredibly UNlucky girl lately. But I still know some cool people. And one of those cool people is named Theo, and he worked his magic and got us free admission to Taste of MN last weekend. We went on the night that some really fabulous bands were playing (Friday) and it was wonderful! I saw Dawes, Minus the Bear, heard a little of The Walkmen (we were on a free boat ride while they were playing), saw P.O.S. AND Atmosphere. Whew. It was so, so good. And since it was called Taste of MN, I'm here to give you a taste of a few bands we saw on that hot, sticky summer night in St. Paul.

When My Time Comes - Dawes

My Time - Minus the Bear

Sunshine - Atmosphere (definitely one of their calmer songs, but I'm a fan. I also really like The Waitress.)

I'm working on a summer playlist for the blog which will probably be up this weekend. Maybe I'll just start bringing back Song Saturdays?

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