Friday, January 29, 2010

when it rains, it pours.

I finished the bit of homework I absolutely needed to do. I watched an episode of a television show that I admit, is a guilty pleasure. I actually shut down my computer, a rarity. I got ready for bed. I checked that my alarm clock was turned on and set to the correct time. I turned off my lights. I laid down. I was ready to rest.

I was ready to rest.

I was going to go to sleep.

I got out of bed. I turned the lights back on. I hoisted my computer up onto my lap and turned it on. I listened to the sound of it coming back to life as I drummed my fingers across the keyboard. And I started to write.

There are very few nights where I feel inspired to write something right that second. They primarily happen during the summer, when I'm feeling free and when the actual necessity of sleep doesn't crowd my daily or nightly habits because I know I will get to it at some point. My stress level at those times is usually quite low. My imagination is flowing because of books or music or stories I've been reading or listening to or sharing. I can't wait to write something down, and I have to do it at that exact moment or else I will lose it.

That is what I'm feeling right now.

Writing soul, it's been awhile.

Thanks for returning.

If you could stick around until I finish my play script, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Now back to sleep.

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