Monday, January 18, 2010

Music Monday

Please, please enjoy these musical wonders this Martin Luther King Jr. day and thank your lucky stars that since I didn't have to actually go into work today, and simply have been working on things at home, I got sidetracked and have been listening to way too much music for my own good. Also, I bought the latest Paste magazine. (Remember my ode to the last one?) With each Paste mag you buy (or subscribe to, which I'm seriously considering) you get the code to download a new playlist with 20ish songs on it. They're pretty great. I've been musically resurrected yet again. But, most of the songs listed below are because I heard them on the radio on my way to Target this morning or I've been finding them via the internet. I surf the web a lot. Do people even use that phrase "surf the web" anymore? Well, apparently I do and I have.

I actually woke up to this song, via the fabulous The Current radio station.

I've recently discovered Allison Weiss. She's fabulous and I love this video. (She loves pancakes.)

Don't actually watch this Owl City video (because there really isn't one), just click play and go about the rest of your web surfing. I haven't figured out how to embed regular old mp3s on blogger - apparently its pretty impossible to do.

Also, just love Owl City because they are from Minnesota.

And last, but certainly not least, my latest addiction is the band Metric.

love love love love. Listen to more here.

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