Tuesday, January 26, 2010

wanna see my new social life?

Here they are! :) My bus core and the new source of multiple emails a day, texts, calls and excited jabber about getting this and that donated and applying for this or that grant and planning a community service project in this city or a housing location in that place.

Planning for this Pay it Forward tour is the most fun pain-in-the-side thing I have ever done. It is constantly on my mind, taking up more lines on my to-do lists than school or anything else combined. If I didn't believe in it as much as I do, it would probably be easy to stop now. Instead, I'm thinking of how amazing this experience is going to end up and I get a big smile on my face and a giddy feeling and actually call one of my core or another friend who loves me just to say "WE ARE GOING TO DO IT!"

I'm really excited tonight. My core has been rocking at getting things set up and donated so far this week (AND ITS ONLY TUESDAY!) I was a little apprehensive about getting everything done after we spent all of last weekend "Up North" in Gilbert, MN learning about planning and all of the little things you kind of forget about doing to make a tour actually happen. It's really going to come together, though, and I couldn't be happier! I know this tedious process of emailing corporations and cold-calling businesses and other people is all a part of the amazing end result, but remind me of that true fact if I start venting about it at some point in the next 44 days. (Because I'm sure I will want to at some point.) Please and thank you.

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