Tuesday, January 26, 2010

feeling: overwhelmed.

It's been an overwhelming start to the semester. Stories and other random chatter coming again soon, when I have more than a few minutes to relay them. All I know is that if I can make it through all of the things I have going on in the next few months, I will be ready for anything.

Oh! And even though last semester was (to date) the hardest I'd had (this one is going to win that by a landslide) I made the Dean's List! My tech-savvy mom scanned the letter and emailed it to me letting me know yesterday. It was a nice bright spot to my day so I thought I'd share.

Please bear with me if there are a little fewer posts this semester, though! There is so much I want to share, but since the Pay it Forward tour I am leading is a mystery tour, there is also so so much I cannot share in order to keep the cities and activities a surprise!

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