Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome Week

I am currently involved with the Welcome Week program at the U of M! I am a Welcome Week Leader (WWL) for 22 freshmen; I bring them to all sorts of sessions, eat with them, answer all of their questions, and essentially get them excited and less anxious to be away from home and on campus. I have been in training since February for this volunteer position and by the end of it will have put in over 130 hours of volunteer work. I have been doing 14+ hour days since last Friday and continue on through this weekend until Monday afternoon. It has been a fabulous, hectic, chaotic, crazy, wonderful experience thus far and my students are making all of the work SO worth it. I hope you all have been doing well and look forward to catching up once I have more than a half hour break in my day!

p.s. The photo was taken last night on the NEW TCF Bank Stadium - all of the freshmen participating in Welcome Week made the "M" and I snapped a photo using my phone. SO cool and I am SO jealous they got to go onto the field and even more excited for football games to start!!!

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