Monday, September 28, 2009

and a chill went through the house...

all of a sudden it was windy, the leaves were turning colors and dropping down to the colder, harder, browner ground, and grabbing a cardigan wasn't just for work, but for the whole day.

this last weekend i was in fargo for a retreat. i cannot explain how excited for spring break 2010 i am. i actually had planned a post from the retreat last night after we had chosen our cities. it was going to go something like this:

i didn't post it because i didn't have my computer with me, but i probably should have. :) now comes the hard part of keeping the cities a secret until march.

to distract myself this autumn, i'm going to:

-listen to the new album by mika
-plan a pumpkin patch picking and apple orchard going day with my core or friends!
-give scarlett johansson another chance. here's a pretty duet with pete yorn.
-drink lots of apple cider. or apple cuice. yes, cuice. (pronounced "suess," as in dr. suess) my friend v and i like cold apple cider and apple juice and i'm definitely ready to break it out.
-try to dress in pretty dresses and boots like ms. elsie.-host a dinner party for friends. :)
-be a little bit healthier with the aid of my friend mk's new blog, my healthy campus. she also has a twitter set up for it at its brilliant and witty, just like mk. it also has already made me start weening off the cream in my coffee. she's going to single-handedly keep me healthy during this crazy semester.

And last, but certainly not least, do you know this girl?
you know, the one who literally has kicked the Great Wall of China?the one who rocks out regularly?the one who cheeses when she smiles?oh, and the one who is the biggest OTH addict and actually touched Nathan's chair just after he sat in it?

Well, it's her birthday. So drop her a line on Facebook, give her a quick little text or call, and let her know you are thinking of her as she turns 19. :)

K, this song goes out to you:

love you! xoxo.

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