Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In numbers.

I know I haven't blogged in a long time, and this one will probably be very short. But, forgive me. I have returned to a crazy, busy life full of unexpected twists and turns.

130+ hours I volunteered for the Welcome Week program.
20 freshmen were in my group for Welcome Week!
20 is the number of hours I'm supposed to work each week.
11 days were spent doing Welcome Week before school started.
10 is the number of calls I've missed since K got sick. Sorry!
6 is the number of days my mom is here (she's taking a class.)
6 is the number of free shirts Welcome Week gave me.
5 is the number of nights I have slept on my floor or a couch instead of my actual bed.
5 is also the number of hours Kayla and I were in the ER on Saturday (she was very sick.)
5 is the number of classes I'm taking.
3 is the number of times I've come to the hotel room to chill.
3 is the number of hours between medicines for K.
3 is also the number of days of work I have missed so far this school year. They won't let me come back until they know I don't have H1N1 (what K has.)
3 is the number of days until STLF's Annual Event!
2.5 is the number of hours it took my mother and I to paint my room! (photos sometime...)
2 is the number of Pay It Forward tours I will be leading within the next 6 months!
1 is the number of people who wrote on my Fb that I hadn't blogged. (Forgive me, Joe, and please eat now.)

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