Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the first of many.

This is the first of what I am sure will become a staple in my Facebook albums: a photo of my Pay it Forward tour core! From l to r: Katie, me, Rachel, Nate, Xixi

We took this photo the night we found out our cores, and are already going on our first retreat on Friday. I am getting so excited for this. Seriously. I can't wait to get to know these people even better; to be able to work, sleep, have fun, freak out, stress, hug, eat, etc., etc. with them at any point in any day. This is truly how a Pay it Forward tour (which I will fondly call a PIF tour) gets built, loved, cared for, and accomplished. We have one retreat this semester, one even larger and more intense one at the beginning of next semester, and as many sleepovers and late night work sessions as we can cram into our already busy lives as possible! Its going to be the first time I have worked with a single group of people over a 6-month time period for the same single goal. I'll stop rambling on about it, but I'm incredibly excited. And if you don't have spring break plans, come on my PIF tour March 12-20! (Or any one of the 6 leaving from the U of M for that matter - I have good friends leading other buses!)

In other news: when did it become standard to ask someone where they lived? I have been noticing this question being asked a lot lately, and have even started asking it myself. How interesting.

Hope your week has started off well!

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