Monday, September 28, 2009

was lost in time.

A pretty song for a cold day. (unofficial video for Whitley's song "Lost in Time")

And a link to a fabulous "color your world" website which just so happens to be the homepage of a wonderful musician. Paint by number on Tracy Chapman's homepage!

I also just figured out my free time based on the hours in a week and the hours I have committed to doing things. On average, I should have about 7 hours of free time. This is based on me sleeping 6 hours a night, and includes class, work, travel time to class and work, eating time, research for a magazine I'm going to start writing for, one STLF meeting a week, and getting-ready time. This does not include miscellaneous things such as planning the PIF tour, meeting up with friends, answering my phone and emails, watching tv, scouring the world for new music, etc. This is probably why I double-book myself on multiple occasions, why my roommates hardly see me, and how they are learning to actually make a set time for roommate-type chats instead of expecting them to happen naturally. Obviously, though, if I took the time to figure out if I had the time to do anything more, I'm making it work. And, thankfully, am just starting to learn the phrase "Sorry, I can't." It's a difficult one, but it's hopefully going to help.

In other news, I'm very tired today BUT did get to see some wonderful people from SD last night! They were up here for a concert (Kings of Leon, which I would have loved to go to but I had night class), called me after and we met up downtown. Anne, Tiff, Lisa, Amanda, and boy...I never really got introduced although I think he was called "Bizzo" at least once...thank you so much for the call, chat and fun!

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