Thursday, October 1, 2009

crazy eyes.

I've been talking about how I'm going to post pictures of my room for quite awhile now, yet never have. This is primarily due to the fact that I haven't been using my camera. However, it also has something to do with me only blogging at work (shhhh...don't tell! it's a nice little de-stresser before I do things I don't want to do) and very, very rarely being online while at home...which is mostly due to the fact that I am only home to sleep. But! The background wall of the photo above is the color of 2 of my walls, just in case you were wondering.
This has been a rough week. Sometimes they just end up like that. I haven't been home for a whole night since last week Tuesday, and won't until maybe next Tuesday. It's been fun, but its also super wearing on a girl, especially a girl who has been neglecting her studies. I'm trying to schedule and conduct interviews for articles that are due around other meetings, classes, work, etc. etc. I'm complaining. But, my boss of 2.5 years did tell me on Tuesday that she had never seen me look so rough. That was the nicest way anyone could have ever put it. I was a mess. Goal of a nap after work, before friendtime tonight!

(p.s. photo of a girl in a red flannel shirt because I want one SO bad! I don't care how many lumberjack comments may ensue because of this.)
Also, this photo makes me really happy. I'm envisioning myself as the girl on the left, my mother as the one on the right, and K (my sister) as the chick sleeping behind us. Thankfully, I aged much better than K. And good lord, those glasses are fly.
AND one last treat. This is from a maxi pad ad in the '70s. I wish they still had stuff like this flying around. I'm going to tell my friends in advertising to bring it back.

hope you are all having a really good, productive week! happy October and happy birthday to Hanna! :)

(p.s. Beth, I promise Wild photos soon!)

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