Tuesday, October 13, 2009

quick update!

So many things to finish today and tomorrow morning before I leave to help lead a high school pay it forward tour tomorrow! There are now three high schools combining students in order to make their way through a couple fabulous cities and states, doing service, and a couple of college tours. (HS tours have different activities than the college trips and always try to include at least one tour of a college!)

It has been such an interesting few days. Yesterday I actually sat down and did homework for the entire day. ENTIRE day. I came to work, sat at my desk, and my boss just let me do my thing. I'm going to bring in treats next week as a big thank you to her for not only letting me keep my job, but realizing the times when I need a little quiet, concentrated time to finish some homework. Then, today, I had one of the craziest hour-long breaks between my 8am and 11am classes. It was 100% college, 100% relaxing, and 100% needed. Ever since, though, I've been scrambling to finish projects and things I need to hand in so I can leave tomorrow not worrying about anything! I cannot believe that this week signals the middle of the semester. Wow.

Ok, I still need to write a research paper proposal, hand that in, make a quick stop at home, head on down to Bloomington for a dinner, and then come back to the city, pick up a couple of friends and head off to a 2-hour training tonight! Whoo!

I'm believing this banner:
seen here.

Hope you are having a happy day!

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