Friday, September 25, 2009


excited: for Fall Retreat in Fargo, more specifically choosing cities for the PIF tour!

missing: volleyball and my friends from home.

drinking: coffee. coffee. coffee.

wishing: I knew the rules of hockey.

needing: to read for all of my classes.

craving: music time.

packing: the 5 magazines I bought this week for bonding time with my core. (I have never bought so many magazines before in my life. I like this class.)

waiting: for my sister to call so we can go to my house. it's her first weekend going home from college!

anticipating: seeing my good friend Sam at the service project tomorrow morning!

dreading: the homework that awaits me when I get home from the retreat.

putting off: updating my resume.

laughing: as embarrassing as it is, at this site -

planning: to use the internet for the first time at our house today!

wanting: for it to be socially acceptable to play dress-up again.

deliberating: which Toms to get.

dreaming: of fall, scarves, cardigans, flannel and boots.
promising: more real photos once I get internet figured out at home.

hoping: you have a happy weekend!

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