Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whoo Washy Washy!

Last night I found out that I am going to be leading a mystery Pay it Forward tour to Washington, D.C.! This is going to be my spring break trip in 2010. We have a core of 5 people: Rachel (who I've been on two other tours with!), Nate (who was on my tour last year!), Katie, and Xi Xi. I am super excited because my first ever PIF tour was a mystery tour to D.C.! Now I will have the chance to lead 40 other students to this fabulous city and do all sorts of service along the way.Also, I am a college leader on a high school pay it forward tour in October. This is going to be a really fun experience as I have never been on a high school tour. AND next weekend is when we choose our "route" that our tour will go on. All of the core members of all of the buses go on a retreat up north and choose where they will go. I won't be able to post anything about whatever cities we choose (it is a mystery!), but I am sure I will be super happy with whatever route we end up with. I'm just really excited for this and it is still months and months away. Whoo!

p.s. I have affectionately nicknamed Washington, D. C. "Washy Washy." Seriously. And my core is already calling it that. This is going to be wonderful. :D

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