Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Why is it that I always get the urge to go shopping on Wednesdays, the day I quite frequently lend my car out? Is it some kind of "there's no way I can actually go shopping so it's ok if I think about it because it won't result in me spending money" thing? Or, does it just take me this long in the week to get up the energy to want to spend some time in the mall or sifting through racks at Target? I'm not sure, but either way sometimes it becomes incredibly frustrating. If only it was possible to leave the urge for the day and pick it back up tomorrow. But, truly, that is not always the case.

Other things I've been thinking about:

- how I am going to decorate my room in my new place! I move in Tuesday, and it is the first time since starting college that I will live somewhere for an entire year. Needless to say, I am incredibly excited. And want to paint!

- graduating. Big meetings are happening this week and I've been focusing on being prepared for them by going over class schedules and credits, etc, etc. Now I just need to go to them and get that elusive advice. I have 3 different advisors I need to meet with. Sound excessive to you? Because it sure seems excessive to me.

- eating raspberries. I want them in my morning muffin, I want them for a snack, I just seriously love them right now.
- how often the elevator in my building gets cleaned. Someone spilt something very non-appetizing in it early Monday morning and it seems to be clean now. So, it definitely does not get cleaned every day, but possibly every 3?

- when people started using acronyms. I'm going to research this. There are far too many floating around in the world.

- how cool one of my new roommates is. She is the only one I didn't know and we met up last night for coffee and chatted for a really long time. I think it's going to be a great year.

- STLF's annual event! It is rapidly approaching and we are all starting to realize how close September 18th really is.

- buying TOMS. this needs to happen. soon.

- how crazy I am to have given away 11 days of my life in exchange for 14 hour days of volunteering and leading freshmen around campus/shaping their first week of being college students. I start this madness Friday and will most likely be in communicado from then until Sept. 8, when school starts.

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