Friday, August 14, 2009

craft time.

Hanna, Joe and I deemed last Sunday night "craft night" and set out to do projects that we have had on our to-do lists since summer began. I had a deadline of Wednesday, which fueled the motivation and desire to get started. It also fueled the need to make a stop at J0-Anns and Cheapo. With every new project comes new, good music. So, we popped in all sorts of CDs (The Arcade Fire, Rachael Yamagata, The Rocket Summer, Ingrid Michaelson, etc.), cranked the stereo '80s boombox style, and got to work.
I was creating necklaces to give a few good friends as gifts. (This is why this post wasn't put up until now, as I am giving all of the girls I am visiting one and didn't want to spoil the surprise!) The necklaces are made of fabric (we just used fabric quarters so we could have a lot of different styles), wooden balls, and knots with a ribbon to tie them together. They are really simple to make; it just took a little time to get the desired effect through trial and error. Every good craft time deserves a good snack time. Pretzels and nutella are our snack of choice as of late.
And ta-da! Here's Joe wearing one of the necklaces. He actually made us all wear one while we were bonding, maybe? The people at Jimmy Johns thought it was fabulous.

Joe was creating juggling balls and poi and Hanna, thankfully, worked on all of the projects with us, problem-solving and supporting. Here are the finished products. Do you like?


  1. How cool! Did you hear about how to do this or come up with the idea on your own? Either way you are crafty!

  2. Actually Hanna had bought a similar necklace at a craft fair and we decided we could re-create it! So, we weren't exactly sure how to do it, but after a little trial and error they ended up looking really great.


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