Tuesday, August 11, 2009

twins time.

Ash and I rounded out her visit with a Twins game. If you follow the Twins at all, it was the first night Cabrera was on the line-up. It's cool to feel jealous....(Joe.)
They asked us to be team members so, being the nice ladies we are, we said sure. Ash likes the coaches and I wanted to show them how its done with my shades on. No big.
Ash's fav of the night - Joe Mauer.
My fav, Justin Morneau. :)
The view. This was one of the last games in the Metrodome. Oh, how I'll miss it and it's perfect climate.
The fact that the Twins lost was just a side note. Our reactions to that fact may possibly have been hindered by the fact that I had just spilled a pricey drink or the fact that we had consumed a number of said pricey drinks before the end of the game. Seventh inning stretch, anyone?

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