Friday, August 21, 2009


Have you ever said something like this: "I'm going to make all sorts of friends from Boston because I've always wanted to go there." to yourself? Because I have. Almost exactly a year ago, when I found out my housing assignment for studying abroad. While admitting this should probably make me feel bad, it truly doesn't because once I met the girls I now know from Massachusetts, I didn't care where they were from, just who they were. They are some of the most fun, unpredictable, and wildly crazy people in my life. They keep everything interesting and are just as eager to talk about the small things as they are to dress up and hit the town. This is the same for all of the girls I got to know in London - and (thankfully!) we had a reunion in Mass this summer. Inside jokes, tales of our time abroad, hilarious and embarrassing moments since we've been back - all of these stories were amazing to relive and laugh through. It seriously was a long weekend I will never forget. Oh, and I saw some of Boston, too. Win win. :)
I went to MA a day earlier than the other girls and met up with MK and Andrea in Boston. I don't even want to disclose how loud the squeal I let out was when I saw Andrea in the airport. It was embarrassing and fabulous and a seriously long hug followed. Eight months is a long time to be apart from people that you lived, traveled and spent everyday with for four months. We then met up with Mary Kate and all took the T to the hotel.

We walked to Fenway from our hotel and tried to get into the Red Sox game. Sadly, it sold out before we could get same day tickets, but it was still amazing to see all of the fans and the buzz about the place. We decided to eat in a restaurant that is under Fenway and watched the game, caught up and tried to plan out what we would do for the rest of the day. We ended up at Harvard - somewhere I had hoped we would go but knew we wouldn't have much time for - and MK continuously commented on how "in awe" I looked. I'm such a collegiate nerd, but I really did love it.
Touching John Harvard's toe! :) But, this is not actually John Harvard; I heard some tour guide say that there were 3 things wrong with this statue, but incoming students (and tourists) still rub the toe for good luck. I also read that graduating students like to pee on this statue. The way I am standing right next to it is probably incredibly hygenic.
MK, Andrea and I then went to The North End for Regina's Pizzeria and to see the classic Hanover street. We ate with one of Andrea's friends who ended up coming out with us that night!
And we went out. No further stories of this night to be published on a public blog. (Your welcome, friends.)
Then the other girls met up with us! Heather, Amy, Erica, MK, Andrea and I explored Boston the whole next day - seeing Fenway, walking down Newbury street, going on a duck tour, exploring the North End, etc. It was the quick walkers guide to seeing all of the sights!
Erica and I met Wally the Green Monster!
MK, me, Erica and Heather on the duck tour! A duck tour is one in which the vehicle starts on land and then transforms into a boat. We started doing a tour of downtown, then went into the Charles River and saw so many great views and sights and the driver let little kids drive the boat. Then we went back on land and saw gardens and markets and made a full loop. It was perfect for the London crowd as it was so natural for us to be somewhere for a day and doing a tour to see everything!
After the tour, we walked to the Boston Gardens. We saw Paul Revere, took in the "green spaces" (a running joke with us), and simply explored. We went back to the hotel and met up with Veronica! She took a night off of the camp she works and lives at during the summer to meet up with us! And we met up with Banni for dinner. Oh, so many good people!
Our group after dinner! We then had to say goodbye to Banni and all got ready and went out for our last night in Boston. We ended up at a bar where the Red Sox game was playing - I'm not really sure there are any other types of bars in Boston - and met some very interesting people and listened to some great music, including snoop dog which explains the next photo...well it would if you have ever seen the "Drop It Like It's Hot" video.
The next morning we all woke up and headed to Veronica's house in Boston. Her parents made us a delicious breakfast and we got to see where little Vron grew up - her house is amazing. Seriously. But sadly, that was all the time Vron could get off so we had to say goodbye to her again.
The other Mass girls had previous committments for that Saturday, so the MN girls all boarded a bus and then a ferry and headed off to Martha's Vineyard for a night with our friend Lindsay!
Heather, me, Amy and Erica on the ferry! We had such good weather the entire trip. The Mass girls kept saying that it was the nicest weekend they had had the entire summer! Obviously, once we got to the vineyard and met up with Lindsay, we went for a mandatory swim in the ocean with her brother and a friend, and then Lindsay's parents made us dinner at their super cute summer home. We then went back to her brother's house (where we were staying that night) got ready, met more friends and went out!
Out at Nancy's in the vineyard! We went to this bar first, then to another club, and back to the house for a lot of fun. Eric, Heather, Amy, Mike, me and Lindsay chilling on the harbour deck.
We got up the next morning, ate a fab breakfast of bagels, and bacon, cheese and egg sandwiches and beer...then went for a quick swim in the ocean before we caught a noon ferry back to the mainland! Whoo it was such a quick side trip!
Amy and I and our still-wet hair from our swim before we got on the ferry!
And then, to wrap up the trip, MK got us at the port and brought us to Andrea's house! She lives literally on the lake - with steps and a dock to get into the water. Once we got there we met a bunch of her college friends and her family and went straight to the boat to go tubing! We all went tubing, a couple of us went on jet-skis later, and then we swam and hung around on the deck or in the water for the rest of the night. Her parents made us dinner (we were so spoiled, seriously) and I got to regale stories of life in SD. I love, love, love all of the people who say "I didn't actually think people lived there..." and are so excited that I am the first person they know from that state. I was also asked questions about tornadoes and other weather conditions and other get-to-know-you things. It was so funny to be recognized by everyone's parents just from pictures from our time abroad! One of the mother's literally said "Oh yes, I know Janae." haha and I was like "Umm...yes. Did we meet in London?" and she laughed and said "No, but you were in my daughter's profile picture for months!" Oh, Facebook.

And on that note, if you want to see more photos, I did put them online! MK would have probably yelled at me furiously by now if they weren't up. :) I love friends and travels. Hopefully there will be more of this in years to come.


  1. Its so sad that I have to hear about your trip through blog. I'm a terrible roommate sometimes.

    I'm still in shock that you and Erica are London friends since I was on a tour with her.

    Looks like it was a fantastic, much deserved vacation. I'm jealous.

  2. thanks janae for being a great friend and not writing about my sexual escapades on blogger.


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