Friday, May 29, 2009

What's another word for "random?" says: accidental, adventitious, arbitrary, casual, desultory, fluky, incidental, odd, promiscuous, purposeless, stray, unaimed, unconsidered, unplanned, etc. are all synonyms.

I'm just saying that that's what this post will be. I really only like to post when I can include pictures or some other form of entertainment, which has been slowing me down lately as I have been much more engrossed in a few books I am reading than the internet or reconciling my camera's dead battery. Which reminds me, I am making a "Summer Reading List," so if you know of any good books OR if you have something you have been meaning to read and want to confer with someone else about, let me know! I haven't set a goal for how many books I would like to finish, but so far this summer I have read three, started three others, and need to start another one this weekend as research for my internship. They are a great big mix of guilty pleasure, classical literature, fiction and non-fiction, etc., so anything goes!

The three books I am working on are:


The word "surreptitiously" has been running through my head for days and days. I have no idea why I picked it up, although I am assuming it was in one of the books of the Twilight series. Either way, it is very fun to say. Surreptitiously. Definition: obtained, done, made, etc., by stealth.
My friend Nick is doing a work abroad program in Australia this summer and started to blog about his time there! I am very, very happy that he is doing this. He is hilarious and can get himself in some pretty great situations, so when he begins a post with "I'm going to start with a story" you know it's going to be good.

For those graphic designers/typographers/creative geniuses/inquiring minds out there, this is a video of Hitler freaking out over the use of "Comic Sans." I came across this via f letter awhile ago, but just thought of it again as my friends Joe, Hanna, Tanya and I had a conversation about our favorite fonts while eating ice cream outside of Sebastian Joes. There are some wonderful old-fashioned signs in Uptown that I keep telling myself I need to take photos of. But until then, here's the video:


I have posted this art piece before, but now it is available to purchase at 20x200! I have been mulling it over for some time now, while the number of prints available keep dwindling. As I look into my own dwindling checking account, I can't seem to rationalize buying this particular piece of art over saving up money for my trip at the end of the summer. Nevertheless, I will keep dreaming about it and hope he makes more of his art available to purchase soon.

I will leave you with a text from
(215): Please dont use Danity Kane lyrics to describe your emotions.

Hope you are having a great day!

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