Monday, May 4, 2009


I feel like if I am going to continue blogging, it should be a little personal at times. So I am going to try to do that a little bit more often. And, of course, to give a certain person *AH HMM* Joe *cough* something to

a. terrorize my friends with at 1:30am
b. text about
c. continue using the word "blogtastic" for

Joe-apalooza, this one's for you. And no, I will not publish a Facebook apology for missing your birthday party in a few weeks. (Yes, Ashley did tell me you said that.) I am sorry, but my sister's high school graduation trumps it. I've known her longer! :) You are just going to have to deal, and we can make up for it at Emery's 125th. Ok?

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  1. I will accept this as my public....VERY PUBLIC apology. I happen to think the word "blogtastic" is amazing, and I am trying to figure out a way to get it into the next print of the dictionary, if BLOG can be in there, so should BLOGTASTIC. Keep it up and we will see u at the 125


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